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Hey there! I'm Lethe (or Ruyi in translation/danmei circles) and I write stuff for characters I like. I love AUs and crossovers a lot! I also adore rarepairs though I've barely written any myself (yet).My twitter's mostly for RTs and following artists/games/writing events/authors, but you can poke me if you want.I kindly ask that you respect my preferences just as I'll respect yours. The world's a big place, and it's more interesting when we're all different. ^-^Thanks for dropping by!

We all write poems; it is simply that poets are the ones who write in words. - John Fowles

Fandom Favs

Touken Ranbu ✧ Kasen, Yagen, YamanKuni, Shinano, Houchou, Matsui
yagefudo, mikanba, mikasen, kurikase. these are the main ones but i'll ship anything if it's written/drawn well enough!
Fate/Grand Order ✧ Lanling Wang, Kingprotea, Nemo, Xu Fu (T▽T), Taikoubou
i used to play JP but stopped until Xu Fu caster when >:3
FFXIV ✧ LUE REEQ and the villains by god i love all the villains why wHYGenshin Impact ✧ Venti, Aether, Ningguang, Xiao, Zhongli, Paimon (as food)Houshin Engi by Ryu Fujisaki ✧ Taikoubou, Roushi
i really, really love this series. please give it a try if you can.
Thousand Autumns 千秋 by Meng Xishi (梦溪石) ✧ Shen Qiao, Yan Wuzhi
shen qiao is one of my favorite protags, i really admire how he never wavers from his righteous ways. he's gentle and soft, but undeniably strong. also yan wuzhi is just a rIOT
Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries ✧ Peter Wimsey, Mervyn Bunter
if i had to pick only one detective + sidekick duo forever, it's dorothy l sayer's creation 200%. wimsey is charming, witty, somewhat dorky, and yet a perfect gentleman, i love~
Lord of the Mysteries
lovecraft. steampunk. magic. xanatos gambits. and the zaniest fight scenes i've read in a while. it's great, check it out. :)
Others ✧ Shaman King, Card Captor Sakura, Hikaru no Go, Shinsekai Yori, Ace Attorney, Tenipuri, Kuroshitsuji, Pandora Hearts, PMMM, Twisted Wonderland, HunterxHunter, various danmei & more but that's the gistmy swordboy tier list is below:


FFXIV ✧ aleatoire licorne & emet smallch @ aether | nut bake @ shivaFGO (JP) ✧ 如意 | 858,832,173 (hiatus)Reading ✧ fanfiction lolHobbies ✧ fanfiction, translations, BJDs, fountain pens, RENPY ♡, original novels, planners <3, ffxiv (pvp frontlines!!), pen/paper doodlesMusic ✧ movie/drama/game OSTs, music boxes, 古风曲
[ENG] keshi, lana del ray, maisie peters, mree, taylor swift, AURORA, lilly allen
[CHN] yao beina, isabella huang, ju jingyi, zhou shen
[CHN-YT] 慕斯の小乖, 西国海妖, Tacke竹桑, Winky诗, 雙笙
[KRN] se o (세오), jang nara, BLACKPINK, cosmic girls/WJSN, aespa, SOMI, IU
[JPN] RURUTIA, fujita maiko, flower
so sue me, i'm cute
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Stuff I Translated

Doomed to Be Cannon Fodder (team)
Falling Dreams of Fang Hua
Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao
In Progress
Poison Genius Consort
Too Bad Master Died Early (BL)
Heroic Wife Reborn

Stuff I Wrote

( Also available on Wattpad )
Cultivation Retirement Plan
Perchance to Dream
Index Casualty
I also coded a parody visual novel demo game of my translation project Poison Genius Consort that you can download and play for free:
Cannon Fodder's Counterattack Record
★ CFCR Fake Promo Twitter for the lolz
Fanfics are in AO3 link below. (80% tkrb, 15% ffxiv, 5% everything else/xovers)

whatcha doin?

Scales of Fate - script work for Lian Qiaoma's route in this xianxia danmei (BL) visual novel (free-to-play!)ffxiv fanfics - lots to write (and finish) in this category➳ daily wordle & nationstates➳ danmei translation➳ playing (taking) ffxiv (gpose)➳ falling in love with yet another shizun/disciple danmei